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Puripool Process

Do you have high calcium hardness in your swimming pool? Do you have a too much cyanuric acid CYA in your swimming pool? Do you have a high TDS? We have a solution for high calcium hardness, high TDS, and high cyanuric acid - it's reverse osmosis.

Want to know how to lower TDS in your swimming pool? ‘The Puripool™ Process allows us to provide the solution to lower Calcium Hardness lower Total Dissolved Solids TDS from your swimming pool, residential or commercial. As pool water evaporates and time passes, that relaxing inviting pool becomes more work to maintain and the water becomes less sanitary.

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Want to know how to lower calcium hardness in your swimming pool? For most swimming pools in less than a day, our mobile filtration unit will lower TDS, lower Calcium Hardness, lower cyanuric acid CYA, Phosphates, Nitrates, Viruses, etc. We give you back a clean, healthy pool all while conserving nearly 85% of your existing water.

Your family cannot get a better, safer or cleaner pool any other way.

Don't drain it... reclaim it!

Why Now?

In the past, residential swimming pools have required a drain and refill every few years to maintain proper water balance and to protect plaster and equipment. Commercial pools can be even more frequent due to greater usage and higher chemical levels required for sanitation. Exposing the plaster during a drain and refill can cause plaster damage and/or failure; an expensive repair! In other occasions, pools have “popped” out of the ground as the water is removed and the pool floats.

Reverse Osmosis Truck REverse Osmosis Truck

Why risk damage or waste your existing water when there is a better safer solution that also allows you to be a good steward of water resources - water conservation, no risk to your pool, and clean safe water requiring less chemicals to maintain… It’s a win-win solution!

Water - A Limited Resource

Blue Canyon Pool & Spa is proud to partner with you to conserve this increasingly limited resource. You no longer have to watch your pool water go down the drain or worry while you pump the water and expose the finish of your pool.

Our self-contained trailer requires nothing from you other than a water spigot to replace the small amount of water lost during the process. We will bring our own power and supplies and, in return, we will leave you with water far superior to a drain and refill; water that earlier in the day was old, tired and unsanitary.

Congratulations; you just conserved 85% of that water, and provided your family with a clean, safe pool!

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